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Digital Challenge Lousada

29 May 10:00 to
30 May 18:00

At the Rally of Portugal

The national selections are brought to you by ACP and FPAK. Registration needs to be finalized on site at every event location and date in the FIA Rally Star Motorhome.


41.2773789, -8.2826293

Avenida Senhor dos Aflitos 28
4620-662 Lousada



On-site registration begins


Administrative checks


On-site registration ends


The classification of the Digital Challenge will be determined on the basis of the best time for each
Candidate, set with the FIA Rally Star simulator. Each candidate will be able to run 3 times.

The simulator is based on the WRC9 game, in a specific special stage nominated by the organizer, without
possibility of any change to the set-ups previously configured. The hardware to be used is the same in every
event and in the same way, it is not possible to make any change or adjustment during the event.

The six winning candidates (one per challenge, plus at least one female) of the event qualifying series
will become eligible for the FIA Rally Star Continental Final of Europe.


There is no registration fee to participate in this Digital Challenge